Universal Instruments’ LED solutions leverage a full range of innovative technologies, dedicated applications resources, and knowledge gained through strategic partnerships.

April 4, 2013 – As the solid-state lighting market continues to transition from through-hole to surface mount assembly, LED lighting manufacturers must adapt to changing technology. Universal Instruments is the only electronics assembly equipment manufacturer providing LED solutions across both technologies, offering high-speed SM and IM solutions with dedicated and flexible configurations for LED applications with custom automation solutions to complete final assembly.

“LED lighting production poses a unique set of challenges for manufacturers,” noted Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing Glenn Farris. “By working closely with our customers and developing strategic partnerships with key industry LED component manufacturers, Universal has finely-tuned this application so our customers can achieve the same speed, accuracy, and efficiency as with standard component applications,” he explained.

Universal’s surface mount LED solutions handle boards up to 1.3 meters, easily accommodating the 1.2-meter LED lamps that are becoming more prevalent. Universal solutions also take advantage of a 30-spindle high-speed rotary head, which maximizes throughput on these standard lamps, which are typically grouped in arrays of 30 or 60 placements.

“Manufacturers get the best of both worlds with Universal’s LED solutions since they deliver LED-specific capabilities, yet are flexible enough to easily address a mix of LED and standard SM products,” added Farris.

LED lighting manufacturers also benefit from the expertise of specialists in Universal’s Automation Group and Production Tooling Group. The Automation Group offers LED application-specific capabilities such as fluorescent tube handling to complete final assembly of LED applications, while the Production Tooling Group has spent years testing millions of components to ensure Universal delivers the best possible LED solution to each customer. Experts in the Production Tooling Group have created the optimal nozzle design and materials, feeder design, board support for long and very flexible LED PCBs, and special LED software that optimizes machine movements and speeds. In addition, before it is released to the customer, every Universal LED solution is thoroughly tested using high-speed cameras and other advanced technologies.

To learn more about Universal’s LED solutions, go to http://parts.uic.com/product/complete-led-solution/