Breakthrough solutions deliver exceptional value and expand range into electronics assembly market.

March 7, 2016 – Universal Instruments will launch two pioneering additions to the industry’s most comprehensive solutions portfolio at the 2016 IPC APEX EXPO held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on March 15–17. On booth 2441, the company will showcase the Uflex modular automation platform, delivering unsurpassed performance for a full range of automation tasks at half the cost of alternative solutions. Also making its debut is the Flexbond hot bar bonding platform: the first automated high-throughput solution for advanced flex circuit applications. In addition, two variants of Universal’s flagship platform lineup, FuzionXC2-37 and FuzionOF, will be on the booth.

“We’re thrilled to introduce two new solutions for current market challenges this year at APEX,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Farris. “Drivers such as abbreviated product lifecycles, rising labor costs, and a shortage of skilled labor resources are escalating the need for cost-effective automation; this is where Uflex provides exclusive value. It breaks traditional automation barriers with a dramatically shortened payback period and a 50% ROI improvement.” Farris continued, “With a revolutionary architecture that makes it easily reconfigured in the field, Uflex is a valuable asset that speeds time to market – particularly in higher mix environments.”

Uflex facilitates user-level programming by leveraging a cloud-based library of pre-defined process strategies. It’s built on a high-performance base platform with 2G acceleration, 50μm accuracy and 8μm repeatability. This flexible foundation also supports large boards up to 630 x 500 mm, components up to 38 x 127 x 50 mm high, and a variety of processes, including pick and place, dispensing, screw driving, labeling, and test handling. Uflex can be integrated into lean assembly lines to perform complex processes or configured in-line to replace manual processes.

“Direct die attach on flexible circuits is a key technology driving the next generation of wearables and mobile devices,” said Farris. “Flexbond enables the first fully automated volume solution for these and other hot bar interconnect applications. It combines with Fuzion for full-process integration, including flux transfer, high-accuracy placement and hot bar soldering. These configurable solutions have been shown to provide 50% higher throughput and can reduce labor and floor space requirements by 80%.”

Flexbond incorporates up to 18 bond heads – 6X alternative solutions – that are selectively active based on RFID designation of placements. Flexbond also utilizes pulse heat technology, closed-loop temp control and programmable pressure settings.

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