Range of capabilities on display at industry’s premier event in Germany

November 17, 2023 – Universal Instruments joined long-standing Channel Partners Amtest and smartTec at Productronica – the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production – in Messe München, Germany on November 14–17. In Hall A2.532, Universal unveiled the first offering from its Value Series, the Omni™ Inserter. This new automation platform provides single-process efficiency to complement Universal’s multi-process cells and maximize line utilization while minimizing floor space requirements. In addition, Universal’s versatile Fuzion® Platform was demonstrated on the booth.

Also at the show, Universal was presented a Global Technology Award for its Heterogeneous Integration assembly system consisting of a FuzionSC™ and High-Speed Wafer Feeder (HSWF). The award, presented by Global SMT & Packaging, recognizes the best new and innovative products and the FuzionSC solution was awarded in the Die Attach Equipment category. As an all-in-one solution, it enables direct pick from wafer, as well as processing of components from tape or tray, making it the ultimate multi-die solution for heterogeneous integration.

Universal Instruments’ Value Series brings cost-effective intelligence, ease of use and simplicity to back-end electronics assembly automation. The Omni Inserter leverages a linear motor positioning system and a host of intelligent features to deliver accurate, high-speed insertion of axial, radial and other odd-form components. It supports a range of feeder types and features an active clinch and controlled insertion force.

From traditional to complex PCBA and odd-form automation to various semiconductor applications, Fuzion remains the industry standard for platform performance. The FuzionXC1-14™ Platform on the booth was configured with a flexible FZ7™ placement head for standard SM and odd-form, and a high-accuracy FZ7 head for advanced semiconductor applications. It was also capable of placement forces ranging from 30 grams to 15 kilograms.

“We’re very excited to introduce our Value Series and expect that manufacturers will love its basic plug-and-play functionality,” said Glenn Farris, Universal Instruments Vice President, Global Customer Operations and Corporate Marketing. “The Omni Inserter is only the beginning and we are putting together a full complementary tool set that will help us offer ultra-efficient line solutions to our customers.”

To learn more about Universal’s solutions for any electronics manufacturing challenge, contact Universal Instruments at +1-800-432-2607 or +1-607-779-7522 or visit www.uic.com.