AdvantisV™ combines the best in technology and performance with a low entry price and unmatched scalability.

February 2, 2017 – Universal Instruments will unveil a new midrange addition to its industry-leading platform portfolio on booth 827 at the 2017 IPC APEX EXPO held at the San Diego Convention Center on February 14–16. The AdvantisV Platform leverages the proprietary technologies of the company’s flagship Fuzion® Platform in a cost-effective, scalable foundation to deliver exceptional value. Also on the booth will be the recently introduced Uflex™ modular automation platform and the extra-capacity FuzionXC2-37 variant, accommodating more than twice the feeder inputs of traditional surface mount platforms.

“With our newest platform, we’re focused on bringing value without compromise to our customers,” commented Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Farris. “AdvantisV provides a powerful and very capable foundation at a low entry price, giving them all the functionality they need today with a growth path for tomorrow’s challenges. It’s an intelligent investment that adapts to the unique and dynamic requirements of each individual manufacturer.”

The AdvantisV lineup features three base configurations: the AdvantisV2-60 high-speed platform with two 30-spindle FZ30™ heads, AdvantisV1-30 with a single FZ30 head, and the AdvantisV1-07 multifunction variant with one 7-spindle FZ7™ head. AdvantisV delivers throughputs up to 66,500 cph and a component range from 01005 – 150mm square and up to 25mm tall. Several premium upgrades are available to further streamline NPI, enhance high-mix efficiency, maximize yield, and improve overall flexibility.

FuzionXC takes advantage of the industry’s highest feeder capacity to minimize or eliminate changeovers altogether. This contemporary production model can boost utilization rates by 50% and improve overall output by 50%. FuzionXC2-37 delivers all-in-one flexibility, combining high-speed chip to extreme odd-form placements on one platform and handling boards up to 1300mm x 610mm and a full range of inputs types.

Uflex features a revolutionary architecture that enables user-level programming and reconfiguration in the field, which speeds time to market and dramatically shortens the payback period. Uflex supports large boards up to 630mm x 500mm, components up to 38mm x 127mm x 50mm high, and a variety of processes, including pick and place, dispensing, screw driving, labeling, and test handling.

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