Growing EMS replaces dedicated custom solution with flexible, high-performance platform.

February 26, 2019 – Selcom Electronics (Shanghai), a global EMS company catering to industry leaders in a variety of markets, has purchased a Universal Instruments Fuzion2-14™ Platform for its Shanghai manufacturing facility. The new platform will initially supersede a fully customized solution to build an automotive product. Universal’s Channel Partner, Eagle Smart Equipment Limited, which won the order with Selcom Electronics, was also a partner in providing and integrating the specialized pin-cutting feeder that will complement the Fuzion2-14.

Selcom is continuously evolving in order to best serve its diverse customer base in markets including Automotive and Electric Mobility, Communication and Networking, Factory Automation and Packaging, Industrial and Building Automation, Power and Energy Management, Medical and Wellness, Home and Professional Appliances, and Coffee and Vending Machines.

Selcom chose Fuzion® for its ability to handle both standard surface mount and odd-form applications such as the automated pin insertion required for the automotive product. The Fuzion2-14 Platform supports a component range from 01005 to 150mm square and boards up to 508mm x 813mm. It also accommodates a variety of component feeding inputs, such as the custom bowl feeder required for this application. This high level of flexibility facilitates an efficient transition from one product to the next, regardless of the requirements. Fuzion2-14 also delivers a substantial performance advantage over the custom solution at Selcom, with throughputs up to 30,750 cph.

“We build electronics for some of the most prestigious automobile companies in the world, and the Fuzion solution has already been qualified by Volkswagen® and Mercedes-Benz®. Fuzion will energize production of this particular automotive product, while giving us a powerful solution to apply to our next build,” said Francesco Soldovieri, Selcom Electronics Shanghai General Manager. “We also expect to leverage Fuzion’s high accuracy and consistent throughput rates to improve yields – something that will enable us to provide even better value to our customers.”

Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett noted, “Our Channel Partner, Eagle Smart Equipment Limited has done an excellent job finding a great fit for our solution. We expect that Fuzion will perform very well in the Selcom manufacturing model, giving them an increase in output while reducing scrap and improving yield through a higher level of automation.” Bennett added, “They should see these benefits immediately, with peace of mind knowing that Fuzion can be moved onto the next product with minimal reconfiguration – an advantage that is very beneficial in a fast-moving EMS environment.”

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