Versatile platform facilitates student development in field of advanced electronics assembly at leading university.

November 8, 2017 – Tsinghua University – universally considered the number-one Engineering University in China – has acquired a Universal Instruments Fuzion2-60™ Platform as a vital addition to its Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Laboratory. The new asset will serve multiple roles for the university, supporting general instruction, student internship and demonstration functions.

Located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing, Tsinghua University was established in 1911 on the site of “Qing Hua Yuan (Tsinghua Garden)” – a former royal garden of the Qing Dynasty. The university has a long-standing reputation, particularly for excellence in its Engineering program. A substantial number of executives of Chinese enterprises and senior government officials, including two of the last four Presidents of the country, hold degrees from Tsinghua University. In fact, Sean Lu, Universal Instruments General Manager, Greater China, is also a Tsinghua graduate. “I received a first-class education and built my career foundation at Tsinghua,” said Lu. “I look forward to a long-term relationship and to supporting the University’s SMT Laboratory efforts for many years to come.”

According to Tsinghua University SMT Laboratory Chief Senior Engineer, Ms. Wang Yuming, the determination to purchase the Fuzion Platform for the SMT Lab was “An easy decision, based on an excellent relationship between the university and Universal.” Ms. Yuming continued, “We brought a Universal GenesisSC™ Platform into the SMT Lab in 2011 and have been extremely happy with it. The new Fuzion Platform offers even more flexibility and better performance so that we’re able to work with our students on the most advanced applications with the absolute best solution available. Plus, we have the advantage of working with Universal’s Advanced Process Lab (APL) in order to put our students on the forefront of leading-edge technology trends.”

Glenn Farris, Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, eagerly welcomed the extension of the ongoing partnership. “This is a great opportunity to familiarize the next generation of technical leaders in our industry with Universal,” said Farris. “For several years now we’ve worked together with Tsinghua, as we’ve collaborated on a Chinese SMT textbook entitled SMT Technology and Equipment – a comprehensive guide to surface mount technologies, platforms, and advanced processes – in 2008, and sponsored four Tsinghua students in our Shenzhen factory in 2006. It’s been a mutually beneficial affiliation that will help strengthen the growth of the electronics assembly community, and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

The Fuzion2-60 Platform delivers high-speed productivity up to 66,500 cph, featuring two 30-spindle FZ30™ placement heads. This adaptable platform also supports components from 01005 to 30mm square – a range normally associated with slower SMT platforms – and boards up to 1016mm long. Fuzion leverages a user-friendly operator interface that is perfect for students and visitors.

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