Graduate student interns in the Advanced Process Laboratory are given a broad exposure to many timely topics in assembly materials, electronics manufacturing and interconnect reliability. More importantly, their individual research assignment provides them an in-depth understanding of some specific technology element. Our most recent intern, Mukund Ayalasomayajula, completed a yearlong assignment studying the properties and performance of various thermal interface materials used to attach and promote heat flow into heat sinks.

Mukund is now back at Cornell University completing the required coursework for a Master of Engineering degree in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). Having had several opportunities to present his APL research to the technical representatives of our consortium member companies, Mukund was well equipped to lecture his fellow students on key elements of thermal interface technology along with his own research contributions in a recent Cornell MSE seminar forum.

There is substantial industry demand for students with the assembly and packaging skills acquired in the Universal Instruments process laboratory. An electronic packaging position at a major industry semiconductor packaging operation awaits Mukund after his graduation in May 2019.