Leading-edge platform provides dynamic foundation for high-mix electronics manufacturer.

May 6, 2020 – Synapse Electronique, a Canadian original-equipment electronics manufacturer and EMS provider, has integrated two Universal Instruments Fuzion® Platform production lines in its Shawinigan, Quebec facility. Each line includes a Fuzion2-60™ and FuzionXC2-37™ Platform, providing both the performance to meet Synapse’s long-term OEM throughput requirements and the flexibility to support stringent contract-manufacturing demands.

Synapse Electronique specializes in manufacturing electronic circuitry, providing efficient integrated electronic systems to North American and European markets. Synapse develops electronic products and subsystems as an original-equipment manufacturer, as well as providing contract-manufacturing services to customers spanning a wide range of markets. Synapse delivers value to its customers by combining well-established know-how, high-tech equipment and an experienced staff in design for manufacturing and testability.

The new two-machine lines include complementary Fuzion® Platforms that combine for an expansive capability set. Fuzion2-60 features two high-speed FZ30™ placement heads delivering up to 66,500 cph. When paired with the FuzionXC2-37, the line handles a non-restrictive component range from 01005 to 150mm square. Each line also supports up to 372 8mm feeder inputs plus 20 tray components.

“The ability to do new product introductions on one machine is really a huge advantage, particularly with our significant NPI demand,” said Synapse Electronique President, Luc Gélinas. “The FuzionXC2-37 is a game-changer that enables us to run a single-machine NPI with flexible feeder setup. Additionally, the family setup option allows us to maximize utilization while achieving our cycle time goals.”

Gélinas noted, “While we’ll initially dedicate one line to our OEM production and the other to EMS, the Fuzion solution perfectly fits our manufacturing environment and has the versatility to adapt as needed. That’s why we were able to purchase two identical lines.”  He continued, “The alternative solutions required three to four machines to match the feeder inventory of the two-Fuzion lines. Moreover, the Fuzion solution offered the lowest cost per feeder input.”

“Synapse advanced its manufacturing model with a high-performance, flexible Fuzion solution that is well-suited to high-mix demands,” commented Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett. “Fuzion was designed to thrive in these environments and the impact should be substantial. We look forward to a continued and productive partnership with Synapse.”

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