New FuzionOF™ Platform maximizes automation opportunities while lowering assembly costs and delivering consistently high productivity and yields.

December 19, 2013 – Building on a twenty-year legacy of industry-leading odd-form capabilities, Universal Instruments introduces the FuzionOF Platform, extending the company’s flagship Fuzion™ portfolio to address pre- and post-reflow odd-form assembly challenges.

As the industry’s fastest and most versatile high-speed automation platform, FuzionOF complements Universal’s Generation 88HT through-hole portfolio and Polaris Assembly Cell to form comprehensive odd-form automation solutions for any application or environment. Universal solutions are further differentiated by a broad knowledge base built on years of experience and an expansive range of feeding solutions and nozzles, as well as custom design and implementation services.

FuzionOF transforms back-end assembly into a strategic advantage, offering a more economical, flexible and higher-performance solution than manual assembly or traditional custom automation cells. By enabling a more efficient manufacturing model, FuzionOF drives down costs while maximizing yield and productivity.

This newest addition to the Fuzion Platform family leverages leading-edge software and precise, repeatable, closed-loop processes that reduce defects, rework and waste. It can also help manufacturers localize production versus low-cost labor regions and reduce floor space requirements.

FuzionOF delivers the highest available odd-form automation throughput to shorten cycle times and eliminate bottlenecks. Its exceptional flexibility facilitates a fast and easy transition to new product challenges. These assets deliver higher utilization, predictable output, and consistent production rates to bring new products to market quicker.

“We see back-end assembly as a fast-evolving market opportunity and FuzionOF gives us a powerful tool to help our customers gain a distinct advantage in that arena,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Farris. “Slide-line assembly produces inconsistent results while dedicated robots can require extensive retooling costs. FuzionOF redefines odd-form assembly, helping us to provide our customers single-vendor automation solutions that ensure investment protection and produce quality end products that strengthen their bottom lines,” he added.

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