Aware of the scope of APL joining research for microelectronics packaging applications, Finetech has selected the FINEPLACER® Pico ma bonding system for installation in the UIC advanced process laboratory. The Pico is a versatile bonding platform suitable for a wide range of micro assembly applications such as high accuracy die attach or the assembly of components requiring novel bonding parameters. It provides a placement accuracy of 5 µm with a straightforward bonding process definition and supports bonding forces up to 700 N.

The versatility of the Pico bonding system has proven ideal for the full range of packaging assembly challenges routinely tackled in the APL. It is critical to the execution of numerous AREA Consortium research projects; including controlled silver sintering for power devices, low temperature joining for flexible hybrid electronics and precision thermo-compression bonding of fine pitch copper pillar interconnects with large die. Its precise control of heating rates and thermal gradients also make it valuable for careful investigations of joining material responses and defect formation mechanisms. It is available for demonstration to all AREA members and APL customers on request.