Productivity gains from Advantis® line inspire addition of Universal’s flagship platform solution.

July 7, 2015 – In 2013, Burton Industries, Inc. added a Universal Instruments Advantis surface mount production line to its manufacturing facility in Ironwood, Michigan. The new line paid immediate dividends, prompting the leading-edge contract manufacturer to again turn to Universal when looking to expand the company’s manufacturing capabilities and performance. As a result, Burton Industries has recently installed a new Fuzion® line comprised of a Fuzion1-30 high-speed and Fuzion1-11 flexible platform.

“The improvement we saw with our Advantis line was day and night,” said Burton Industries President and CEO, Gary Burnett, Sr. “We benefitted from throughput improvements of up to 250 percent, substantially better yields and far less downtime. It wasn’t long before our production staff wanted to run everything down that line, leaving our other lines idle.” Burnett continued, “In fact, the Advantis solution was so productive that we were able to eliminate an entire production line. This has us very excited to see what the new Fuzion line can do.”

Since 1978, Burton Industries has been ‘making products better’ for customers throughout the U.S. in a wide range of industries. From design, NPI/prototyping and test development services to high-mix volume manufacturing, Burton is focused on redefining the contract manufacturing relationship and helping its customers become more competitive.

Fuzion will provide Burton Industries a solution with the same proven core technologies as the Advantis line, with several enhancements which are exclusive to the flagship Fuzion lineup. Utilization and performance are improved with ion™ feeders and feeder management tools, as well as Fuzion software with advanced changeover and NPI tools including component vision teach and on-the-fly editing. The Fuzion1-11 features extended odd-form handling with 40mm-tall part capability, while the Fuzion1-30 leverages an on-the-head Vertical Part Sensor (VPS), which validates part presence, orientation and thickness for small parts.

Burnett, Sr. noted that, “We’re committed to continue providing both superior services and quality at the lowest cost to our diverse customer base and we felt that Universal’s newest platform would best enable us to do that.”

Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett pointed out that the similarities between the two companies make for an excellent partnership, “As the only US-based manufacturer in the electronics assembly industry, we’re proud to build a lasting relationship with a CEM that has established its foundation on the ‘Made in USA’ banner.” Bennett continued, “This is a company that has been able to sustain more than 35 years of successful business growth and we see Fuzion as a powerful tool to help continue that progression.”

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