Leading-edge platform delivers high-mix productivity by streamlining and even eliminating changeovers.

May 15, 2019 – Assembly Technologies Inc. (ATI), an electronics manufacturing services provider with more than 30 years of experience, has added a Universal Instruments FuzionXC2-37™ to its Charlotte, NC production facility. The new surface mount platform was chosen for its ability to maximize efficiency and boost productivity in high-mix electronics manufacturing environments.

ATI provides quality end-to-end electronics manufacturing services for companies spanning various industries. ATI strives to help OEMs develop quality products as well as provide customers with a wide range of market and technology expertise. The company’s 30,000 square foot facility is located in the heart of Charlotte and its offshore subsidiary in Gujarat, India. Both facilities are equipped with the latest technology, capable of handling the most diverse assembly challenges.

FuzionXC2-37 is the ultimate single-machine solution for high-mix, low/medium-volume SMT requirements. It features 272 8mm feeder inputs that can support multiple products in a single setup. It also offers 29 random access tray inputs, strip tape and track feeder support. FuzionXC2-37 handles boards up to 508mm x 1300mm and supports a large component range from 01005 – 150mm square and 25mm tall, as well as unique parts such as press-fit, connectors, micro BGA, die and pin-through-hole.

“FuzionXC2-37 is an absolute differentiator in short-run NPI environments and we’re already reaping the benefits,” said ATI VP of Operations, Kunal Brahmbhatt. “Our changeover time has been reduced by at least 30% and, due to the extensive feeder capacity of FuzionXC, we’ve actually had to do less changeovers by running multiple products from a single feeder setup. FuzionXC gives us a huge advantage in this regard.”

Brahmbhatt continued, “Our operators find FuzionXC very easy to use, with an intuitive user interface and effective NPI tools. In addition, the versatility of this platform is enabling us to build a variety of products with minimal reconfigurations, saving us time and money. As a result, we’re able to offer our customers better value and help them get their products to market faster.”

Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett noted, “ATI is a long-standing Universal customer with a vintage GSM Platform that has stood the test of time.” He added, “It’s great that we’re able to provide them with our latest-generation platform in a configuration that is ideal for their manufacturing model. FuzionXC should pay dividends well into the future and we’ll be there to support ATI for all of their production requirements.”

To learn more about Universal’s solutions for any electronics manufacturing challenge, contact Universal Instruments at +1-800-432-2607 or +1-607-779-7522 or visit www.uic.com.