Dr. Denis Barbini will present a two-day workshop on “The 5 Steps to the Implementation of Advanced Technologies” at the Electronex Exhibition in Melbourne Australia on September 9 – 10, 2015.

August 13, 2015 – Universal Instruments Corp’s Advanced Process Laboratory has developed a data based seminar focused on providing the attendee with the necessary tools and case studies to implement advanced packaging designs into their assemblies. In this seminar we will identify the impact of novel technologies in electronics manufacturing. This seminar will provide the attendee information from fine pitch printing, to PoP, 01005, LGA/BGA and novel laminate materials. Incorporating these enabling technologies presents the challenges – process change requirements? Yield, and ultimately reliability, impacts? These novel technologies demand intense research and provide a unique perspective for design for manufacturability (DfM) and reliability (DfR). These lessons revealed through the framework of 5 Steps require thorough characterization of new material, development of novel process assembly capability while designing in the required quality and achieving high yields. Further review of design considerations for many advanced assembly processes as well as various types of analytical techniques for materials characterization round out the course.

The class will include the following topics:

  • Trends in component evolution & how to overcome the associated implementation challenges.
  • Best practices in assembly – printing, inspection, placement, & soldering
  • Understanding challenges in materials – alloys, pastes, PCB finishes, etc…
  • Analytical testing techniques & how to identify root causes for production failures.
  • Lead-free laminate selection & testing procedures: Can your board withstand 9x reflow?
  • Learned lessons from actual failure analysis case studies