Unique architecture enables the first true volume solution for today’s consumer demands.

October 11, 2016 – Universal Instruments’ Flexbond™ hot bar bonding platform was presented the Global SMT & Packaging Global Technology Award at the 2016 SMTA International trade show in Chicago, IL as the top machine in the “Bonding Equipment” category. Winners were selected by an independent, international panel and evaluations for the award entries were based on innovation, speed/throughput improvements, quality, cost benefits, environmental considerations, ease of use/implementation, and maintainability.

Flexbond is a dynamic, high-throughput hot bar bonding platform that enables the first fully automated volume solution for advanced flex circuit and other hot bar interconnect applications. It combines with Universal Instruments’ Fuzion® Platform for full-process integration, including flux transfer, high-accuracy placement and hot bar soldering.

These configurable solutions have been shown to provide up to 12X the throughput of semi-automated solutions and more than twice that of alternative automated hot bar solutions. They also require significantly fewer machines and offer the lowest OPEX and $/cph/m2.

Flexbond leverages dual-zone parallel processing with up to 12 bond heads – 4X alternative solutions – to deliver industry-best performance and a maximum bonding rate of 1800 UPH. It also incorporates advanced hot bar technologies to give the user complete process control. Programmable, closed-loop temperature control ensures alignment with soldering thermal profiles and maintains precise, consistent performance. For pressure control, Flexbond features programmable settings and high-accuracy pressure management to prevent solder shorts and maintain solder shape.

“Advanced flex circuits are a key technology driving the next generation of wearables, mobile devices and other leading-edge products. Unlike traditional hot bar solutions, Flexbond gives manufacturers a high-performance solution to meet the volume assembly requirements for these growing markets,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Farris. “We continue to expand our solutions portfolio into the markets and applications we see as defining the future of the industry. We’re very proud to have received this award, as it confirms that we’ve given our customers the right tool to maintain a competitive advantage and win.”

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