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June 19, 2014 – Universal Instruments’ Advanced Process Lab (APL) received the “Best Presentation” award at the SMTA China East 2014 Technology Conference, held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. The presentation, entitled “NxTGen PoP (Shrinking the Package-on-Package)”, was co-authored and presented by John Almiranez, Universal Instruments Business Development Manager, Southeast Asia.

The presentation highlights Universal’s complete high-performance solutions for advanced packaging applications such as Bond Via Array™ (BVA™) and other forms of Package-on-Package (PoP), which are being driven by the miniaturization of consumer devices. With a proven and versatile technology portfolio and the exclusive process expertise of its Advanced Process Lab, Universal is at the forefront of these leading-edge technologies. The presentation was developed in cooperation with Invensas Corporation – a global leader in semiconductor interconnect solutions – which presented Universal a Supplier Appreciation Award for BVA process and assembly development.

“The first generation of PoP applications was developed more than five years ago, primarily to support the growing market for mobile devices,” said Almiranez.  “However, a continuous demand for more functionality in a smaller and thinner form factor has driven PoP processes to evolve dynamically to stay ahead of the technology curve.”

The BVA form of PoP utilizes finer-pitch interconnects to enable a higher I/O from the same package size, and therefore presents many unique process and assembly challenges. First, refined vision recognition of the BVA wires is critical in order to achieve optimal assembly yield and quality, as the memory devices must be precisely aligned to the BVA logic pins. Next, the flux application process for the memory device must be optimized to ensure memory-to-logic position retention and quality soldering.  Finally, the equipment must be capable of performing high-accuracy, low-force placement of the memory device at high speed.

“These applications require solutions which meet the high-accuracy requirements, while performing at a rate suitable for high-volume environments,” commented Almiranez. “Equally important are the appropriate peripheral equipment, process and materials understanding, and the ability to implement credible reliability testing,” he added. “Universal’s years of experience and cycles of learning have enabled us to develop comprehensive solutions that meet all of these criteria, with the flexibility to address standard processes on the same equipment set.”

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