Industry leader NVC Lighting adds two Universal Advantis® AC-60 LED platforms to increase LED lighting production.

March 8, 2013 – Universal’s axial and radial through-hole platforms have been key enablers in NVC’s production lines since 2008, along with Universal’s Genesis™ GC-30S platforms. In 2012, with surface mount applications playing a larger role in LED lighting production, NVC purchased four of Universal’s Advantis AC-60 LED platforms. In January, NVC came back for two more.

“We worked closely with NVC to supply a complete LED solution,” explained Universal Vice President of Customer Operations Brad Bennett. “We configured our Advantis AC-60 LED Platform with software modifications for LED handling, as well as specialized feeders and nozzles, and our LED long-board support system that allows the Advantis to support boards up to 1.3 meters long.” He added, “The Advantis AC-60 LED is a good fit for NVC or any OEM whose product mix includes 1.2-meter LED lamps. Plus, it offers the versatility to accommodate varying applications should NVC’s product demands change. This flexibility also makes it ideal for CEMs who are building a mix of LED and standard SM products.”

According to NVC Lighting Technology Director of Engineering Mr. Xu, “Universal is the only high-end surface mount supplier who could provide a solution that supports the 1.2-meter-long boards for our LED applications. It was also important to us that Universal has developed exclusive, industry-leading knowledge of SM LED applications by working closely with leading LED component manufacturers.” He added, “Universal’s through-hole and surface mount solutions have helped us build end-user products that maintain a higher quality and a lower cost for our customers.”