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September 17, 2015 – Universal Instruments will be exhibiting on Booth #306 at the SMTA International 2015 Exhibition in Rosemont, IL, on September 29–30. The company will feature its flagship Fuzion® surface mount platform on the booth, demonstrating the versatile performance of its Fuzion2-60™. Experts from Universal’s Advanced Process Lab (APL) will also be on-hand to provide insight into the latest component, materials and process challenges. In addition, the APL will deliver a series of presentations at the Technical Conference.

Fuzion2-60 features two high-speed FZ30™, 30-spindle placement heads and a maximum throughput of 66,500 cph. With the ability to handle components up to 30 mm square and boards up to 508 mm x 1016 mm, Fuzion2-60 is a powerful high-speed, flexible placement solution for a variety of manufacturing environments. The complete Fuzion portfolio complements these capabilities with specialized vision, software, tooling and feeder support for extreme odd-form applications, such as high-speed DIMM sockets (DDR3/4).

The APL’s AREA Consortium will present multiple papers in the Lead-Free Soldering Technology Symposium on Thursday, October 1 – the final day of the Technical Conference. The full session (LF1) features three individual papers comprising Universal Instruments Consortium Pb-Free Project Update. The papers include: Metallization and Surface Finish Effects on Pb-free WLCSP Thermal Cycle Reliability, Harsh Environment Reliability of Micro-Leadframe (QFN) Components and Conformal Coating Effects, and Thermo-Mechanical Evaluation of Alternative Pb-free Die Attach Materials. These papers summarize the AREA Consortium’s ongoing research on lead-free technology and, in particular, its effects on long-term reliability.

“SMTAi brings together the most influential people in our industry, and with more than 160 exhibiting companies and over 50 technical sessions, this is an all-encompassing event. We get a chance to meet with many of our current customers and network with colleagues from all facets of the electronics assembly arena,” said David Vicari, APL Director. “For our AREA Consortium, the Technical Conference gives us an opportunity to share valuable insight from the projects we’ve worked so hard on – research and results that provide real-world value for solving leading-edge technology challenges. This is the event we look forward to most each year.”

To learn more about Universal’s solutions for any electronics manufacturing challenge, contact Universal Instruments at 800-432-2607 or 607-779-7522 or visit www.uic.com. To schedule an appointment at SMTAi, or to find out how Universal’s Advanced Process Laboratory can help your organization, please contact APL Director David Vicari at 607-779-5151 or vicari@uic.com. To learn more about the APL’s AREA Consortium, including how to become a member, please contact APL Associate Director Denis Barbini, PhD, at 603-828-2289 or barbini@uic.com.