Versatile portfolio performs full range of automation tasks to meet today’s market challenges.

May 8, 2017 – Universal Instruments will exhibit on Channel Partner SmartTec’s Hall 4, Booth 101 at the SMT Hybrid Packaging trade show in Nuremberg, Germany on May 16–18. Universal will feature both its FuzionOF™ high-speed automation platform, and the new Uflex™ flexible automation platform, featuring a revolutionary architecture that enables fast and easy field reconfiguration to speed up time to market and shorten the payback period.

FuzionOF features the highest available odd-form automation throughput (16,500 cph) to reduce cycle times and eliminate bottlenecks. It handles a full range of standard SMT and non-traditional components up to 150mm square and up to 40mm tall, with 5kg placement force. FuzionOF supports the highest online capacity and widest range of standard and odd-form component feeding solutions, including strip, tape, tube, tray, bowl, GPAX, radial, and label feeders.  It also incorporates leading-edge software with auto-teach and precise, repeatable, closed-loop processes that reduce defects, rework and waste.

Uflex delivers exceptional cost performance for a full range of automation tasks, including pick and place, dispensing, screw driving, labeling, and test handling. It leverages user-level custom programming and simplified reconfiguration to effortlessly transition to new applications. A common interface supports a large tooling portfolio while also providing third-party compatibility. Uflex is built on a precision base platform with 8μm repeatability and the flexibility to support large boards up to 630 x 500 mm. It can perform complex processes for lower OPEX and superior investment protection versus custom cells or replace manual processes for fast ROI and improved time to market and quality.

“We’re looking forward to an excellent year in the electronics assembly markets,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Farris. “In Europe, fast-growing markets such as automotive electronics present a lot of opportunities for Universal, as our solutions are very well-aligned. With Fuzion and Uflex, we’re able to provide exclusive and cost-effective solutions for the odd-form and automation tasks required to build these products.” Farris added, “Automation will play an expanding role in electronics assembly in the coming years and we’re extremely happy with the value proposition we’re able to offer those manufacturers looking to improve or add these competencies: fast ROI, high yields and high-quality products built at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.”

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