Select team brings software support closer to customer base, provides time-sensitive coverage.

December 02, 2019 – Universal Instruments has extended its EMEA capabilities with the addition of a Software Center in its Bratislava corporate facility. Development of the new center began last year, with a focus of bringing a regional resource to Universal’s EMEA customers. The Software Center will be responsible for real-time firmware development, machine software development and I4.0 software development for Universal’s IQ360™ factory software suite.

“We’ve been able to leverage Bratislava as a rich and growing software engineer development area with a strong mathematics background to put together a really great team,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Engineering, Andy Coots. “They have hit the ground running and are already contributing significant value to our EMEA customers. Based on the early success, we will continue to expand next year, with the objective of doubling the size of the team in that time frame.”

Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett noted, “Our EMEA partners will benefit from a comprehensive resource pool that includes a Product Demonstration Center, Product Training Center and now local software engineering capabilities. These assets will help us maximize efficiency and deliver the best possible solutions for our customers’ challenges in the shortest time.”

The Software Center provides a six-hour advantage in terms of local coverage, while also creating a six-hour overlap for Asia coverage. This is particularly beneficial for software application development for Universal’s EMEA customers facing surface mount, advanced packaging, automation and complex assembly challenges.

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