High-speed platform doubles output for memory module production, continues rewarding collaboration between companies.

March 30, 2016 – To meet the demands of a growing customer base, US-based Contract Electronics Manufacturer Silicon Mountain Contract Services (SMCS) has added a Fuzion4-120 high-speed platform to its Nampa, ID manufacturing facility. The new Fuzion® is the sixth Universal Instruments surface mount platform in the SMCS production portfolio and is being used initially for building memory modules. In honor of the successful ongoing relationship between the two companies, Universal presented SMCS with a Partnership Award at the 2016 IPC APEX EXPO held in Las Vegas earlier this month.

“When we bought our first Universal platform and implemented new process controls in 2009, our first pass yield improved by more than 98%,” said SMCS Principal Partner, Wayne Townsend. “That was the beginning of a formidable partnership that has helped us provide exceptional value to an increasingly diverse customer base. We have several Universal platforms performing exceedingly well across a variety of applications and we feel privileged to work together with a solutions provider that continues to facilitate our growth.”

The Fuzion4-120 Platform delivers throughputs up to 140,000 cph by utilizing four 30-spindle, high-speed FZ30 placement heads. Fuzion4-120 handles components from 01005 to 30 mm square while accommodating boards up to 700 mm x 500 mm.

Townsend highlighted the performance of the new platform, noting, “The Fuzion4-120 is building more than twice the product of the previous solution in a smaller footprint, which opens up our floor space for other opportunities. In addition, the defects for this challenging product have been reduced by 75% – just fantastic!”

“Working with Wayne and SMCS has been a pleasure and a perfect fit,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett. “We’ve been able to integrate a number of solutions to help SMCS evolve and stay ahead of its customers’ demands, and the Partnership Award stands as testament to our alliance and the high level of success we’ve achieved together.” He added, “Wayne has a uniquely personal approach to the way he does business and has even purchased more than one Fuzion right from our tradeshow booth!”

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