AREA consortium assembly research is executed for the benefit of our member companies with all results and supporting data archived for on-demand access by the membership. Key observations are routinely selected from this growing archive for sharing with the industry at large. Recent examples include the following topics presented at the 2018 SMTA International conference:

Session HE1. Predicting Component Life for Harsh Environments

Pam Lembke: Testing and Mitigating Resistor Silver Sulfide Corrosion

Session APT4. Board Level Reliability

Reza Ghaffarian:  Characterization of SiP Assembly and Reliability under Thermal Cycles

Session LF2. High Reliability Pb-free Alloys, SAC305 and Beyond

Lars Bruno:  Effect of TIM Compression Load on BGA Reliability

Thank you to these APL industry collaborators for being the public face of our consortium and making these valued contributions to the industry literature.