With the recent integration of two Universal Instruments surface mount platform lines, global EMS provider Elrad has doubled its production capacity and reduced changeovers by more than 70%.

May 20, 2014 – To meet the dynamic demands of the current market, leading-edge EMS provider Elrad recently added two additional Universal Instruments production lines in its Slovenia facility, continuing an ongoing partnership between the two companies. The new lines include a FuzionXC2-37, Genesis GX-11S, and two Advantis AC-90T Platforms.

“We’ve had great success with our current Universal equipment set, and that made the buying decision an easy one for us,” said Iztok Lipnik, Elrad Managing Director. “The FuzionXC2-37 has streamlined our small-batch and NPI production with a substantial reduction in changeovers, freeing up our more powerful lines for higher-volume requirements and enabling us to effectively deliver a full range of services to our customers. Furthermore, Universal’s Dimensions® factory software gives us full traceability, as well as the ability to monitor and maximize our production efficiency in order to meet or exceed our target objectives,” Iztok added.

Founded in 1996, Elrad International d.o.o. began its electronics development and manufacturing services from its Slovenia facility, and has since expanded its operations abroad to include ELRAD Serbia d.o.o. and ELRAD Electronics (Dong Guan) Co., Ltd. In all three locations, Elrad utilizes Universal Instruments production lines for its surface mount requirements.

Iztok commented on the synergy across the company’s global sites, “Even though we have several different Universal Fuzion®, Genesis, and Advantis® Platform models and vintages across our three locations, the core commonality among the platforms allows us to share programs and experience, affording us the ability to seamlessly transfer production from site to site.”

“The Elrad model is a testament to the power and value of our platform philosophy,” said Universal Instruments Vice President of Marketing, Glenn Farris. “With a total of nine production lines of varying configurations, Elrad has been able to maintain a very flexible and efficient production environment.”

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