Why judge a book by its COVER . . . when you can LOOK inside the BOOK?

The Advanced Process Lab has a NEW High-Tech Digital Microscope!

We are thrilled and excited to announce that we have added a Keyence VHX-7000 Digital Microscope to our lab.

Keyence VHX- 7000 Digital Microscope


“This state-of-the-art tool will enable the APL to provide our customers with the next level of digital microscopy. This all-in-one microscope functions as a stereoscopic, metallurgical, scanning electron, and measuring microscope, all in a single unit, which will allow us to deliver data-driven analytics to our customers faster and with more clarity.”  – Dave Vicari, Director, APL

Dave Vicari, Director, APL

This microscope is the World’s 1st and only 4k ultra high-accuracy microscope.  Check out a video of this amazing technology below.

This tool will give the APL access to the very latest in analysis technology, including:

  • Improved Lighting Modes; optical shadow effect, multi-lighting

  • 3D Image Stitching

  • Faster dye and pry analysis

  • Higher resolution surface roughness measurements & step height measurement

  • Automated particle counting, sizing area and grain size measurement

  • Access to ultra high-definition images that rival a full SEM

The additional functionality provided by this new high-tech microscope will enable the APL to produce faster, clearer and better results for their Analytical, Failure Analysis, Prototyping and Process projects.

What project do you have that can benefit from this new and improved technology?  Reach out HERE and let us know. 

Or if you’re already an APL customer, you can look forward to seeing the expanded capabilities of this new technology in your delivered results.