30% Off Last Time Buy Spare Parts!

June 3, 2024

Do you own Universal equipment? Then you know how essential it is to have reliable spare parts on hand. We have fantastic news for you! We’re offering a limited number of LAST TIME buy, genuine Universal spare parts at an incredible 30% discount (while supplies last). These parts cover our entire equipment portfolio, from surface mount to insertion mount. 

Time is of the essence, so pick your part from the list below and secure your savings now.

Why Choose Genuine Universal Spare Parts?

Substitutions might be okay for some things, but nothing beats the real deal when it comes to maintaining the peak performance of your valuable equipment. Genuine Universal Spare Parts are designed, built, and quality tested by Universal to ensure they meet the highest standards. When you invest in your equipment, you want it to function at its best. That’s why replacing worn parts with genuine ones is crucial.

Ready to Browse and Order?

Browse the list of available parts here – also includes machine block details:  [Click here]

To place an order, contact your regional representative [Click here] or email our world-class spare parts division representatives at universal@uic.com today.

Additional order information:

  • Parts listed represent limited quantities
  • Parts are sold as is, no warranty is included

Don’t miss out on these significant savings and the opportunity to keep your equipment running smoothly with genuine Universal parts at 30% off, while supplies last!

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