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Learn  more about the exciting Advanced Packaging technology
Heterogeneous Integration (HI)

Example of a SiP module which requires HI for cost-effective assembly.

  • HI refers to the integration of multiple component types (die, MEMS, passive, etc.) into a higher-level assembly (or system-in-package), which delivers increased functionality at a lower cost.

  • HI presents a distinctive set of challenges which require unique assembly solutions.  What are those challenges and what are the potential solutions for cost-effective multi-die assembly?

  • What markets will benefit from HI and how will it enable the world’s most innovative products for 5G, AI, Edge Computing and more. . .

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Hosted by Glenn Farris, VP Strategic Marketinga industry expert with 30+ years of broad-based experience implementing solutions to address the challenges faced by the Advanced Packaging industry.  

Glenn Farris, VP Strategic Marketing

At this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • What’s the big deal with Heterogeneous Integration (HI) and what benefits does it provide?

  • What are the markets and outlook for HI?

  • Why is HI essential for today’s leading-edge technologies?

  • What are the challenges and assembly solutions for HI?

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