Universal Instruments Worldwide Product Training Center Enhancements

March 3, 2015

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March 3, 2015 – Universal Instruments views customer training as one of the most critical services we provide to customers and is proud to offer best-in-class training at our global facilities. In an effort to maintain this high-level of service and to ensure customers who purchase the latest release of our award-winning Fuzion product line have access to a highly-personalized training experience; two new training machines were recently installed at our training facility in Conklin, NY.

A Fuzion FZ 1-11 and FZ 1-30 were installed last month and are immediately available for training. These two machines represent Universal’s most advanced SMT technology and offer customers access to features such as…
• Fuzion 2.0 Software
• Auto Pick and Place Board Support Pins
• PEC Barcode Reader
• Dynamic Bank Exchange Option
• Scrap Tape Cutter
… and many more hardware and software enhancements.

*First training course with the new Fuzion machines


Now customers can receive training on the latest Fuzion features as well as their legacy equipment all within the same facility. What will be even more exciting to many customers is the fact that we installed these machines in a line configuration and added the Line Manager Software to the facility so we may soon offer enhanced programming, changeover and line utilization training!

For our Asia customers, we are also adding two new Fuzion machines to our Shanghai, PRC facility within the next few months.

Stay tuned for more information on the many enhancements we have planned for our Worldwide Training Division! For more information about training, go to https://www.uic.com/support/training/ .


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