Universal puts its support behind ASIC

April 29, 2022

As an American.-based company that designs and manufactures in the US, Universal Instruments is proud to commit to accelerating the semiconductor industry in America as a member of the newly formed American Semiconductor Innovation Coalition (ASIC).

Example of a MEMS package that was created using Heterogeneous Integration (HI) – a critical semiconductor packaging technology

Semiconductors are crucial to our world and have become a fundamental part of our everyday lives. They are not just used in our smartphones, PCs, data centers, automobiles, and electronic gadgets around us but also behind the scenes in applications such as factory automation and our telecommunications infrastructure. With the recent COVID-10 pandemic and geopolitical uncertainty, it’s become apparent that semiconductors are a critical element of our supply chain that must be protected and nurtured by applying the latest innovations and technology. Joining ASIC will help us to advance this goal.


ASIC is an impressive and rapidly growing community dedicated to bettering the American semiconductor market. Comprised of more than 65 businesses, startups, universities, national labs, and nonprofits, ASIC’s mission is to deliver focused research and development to The National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) and The National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program (NAPMP).

A coalition of 65+ strong individual companies advocating for the future of the semiconductor industry in the US!


Recently, ASIC announced its formal intent to advocate with one voice for the NSTC and NAPMP, following the Coalition’s response to the Department of Commerce Request for Information (RFI) 2022-01305. The key principles in the response outline critical aspects to bolster a robust domestic semiconductor supply chain that is achievable, scalable, and sustainable. Alongside this news, the organization also launched its new website, https://asicoalition.org/, which features the RFI response and previously released vision document – “Accelerating Semiconductor Research, Accelerating America.” This website is a go-to resource for the silicon market and we urge you to check it out. 

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Example of a SiP module that requires HI for cost-effective assembly.

As the only semiconductor equipment packaging company member manufacturing high-precision and high-volume production systems, Universal is thrilled to be a part of ASIC. With our expertise and knowledge of the manufacturing technologies required for accurate and cost-effective semiconductor packaging, such as heterogeneous integration (see image above), we bring a unique technical perspective to the table.

We fully support ASIC’s initiatives and will contribute to participating, and supporting our partner members in any way we can to continue to advance the future of the semiconductor industry in the US.

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