Are you looking for a cost-effective method of training your electronics assembly equipment operators?

One that will put a variety of course material at their fingertips without breaking the bank and disrupting your production schedule?

Well, then you need to check out training for the modern world through e-Learning: a NEW training option that makes knowledge more accessible than ever.

Our e-Learning tool was designed with you in mind, because it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any place with an internet connection . . .

Training that fits into THEIR schedule!

So, what’s great about e-Learning? Just about everything . . .

  • Ideal for new hires; streamline your onboarding process

  • Modules are designed with interesting content, graphics, and videos to keep you directly engaged

  • Gain the practical skills needed to efficiently operate Universal’s lineup of electronics assembly equipment (Automation, Surface Mount, Through-Hole)

  • Several courses NOW available in ESPANOL 

  • Accessible 24×7 anywhere around the world with internet service

  • Participate remotely and complete modules at your own pace

  • Single-module and subscription-based options; group discounts for multiple users

“For the things, we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― AristotleRemember that only practice makes perfect – and only trained and qualified employees are able to properly run and maintain your equipment; making it and them the most effective they can be!


Don’t wait a day longer to get your people properly trained. Click here to find out more about e-Learning today.

Not sure if e-Learning is right for you, and want to try it before you buy? Well, you can do that too!  Follow this link for instructions on how to log on for a free trial course.

Our happiest customers are our trained customers!

Do you have other training requirements? Then, e-mail Joe McCarthy, Global Product Training Manager at and he’ll get in touch to discuss your individual training needs.