Why Genuine Universal Parts are the Right Pick for YOU!

August 1, 2022

Why is it important to buy Genuine Universal spare parts?

Genuine Universal replacement parts provide great performance at a fair cost, offering you the best overall value for your service spend. Buying parts from the same source that designed, manufactured, and installed your Universal equipment also helps you achieve optimal equipment performance!

When you buy genuine Universal parts, you can be assured you are getting the highest-quality parts available, since our parts are made to precise engineering specifications, with the latest improvements and performance modifications. We use only the best-grade materials for our parts, and we have a stringent Supplier Qualification Program.

This means you get reliable, durable replacement parts – every time, not sometimes!

Why should you buy Genuine Universal parts — directly from us or an authorized representative? Here are just a few reasons:

Nothing beats the real thing!


  • Warranty:   Genuine Universal replacement parts carry a full, one-year warranty on non-wearable items, offering you peace of mind.

  • Engineering Support: Universal replacement parts are made to exact design specifications with the latest engineering innovations, providing you with the highest quality and reliability.

At Universal… Quality is JOB #1.

  • Controlled Changes: Our Engineering Change Control process ensures compatibility with related assemblies, reducing downtime.

Test, test, and then test some more.


  • Proven Quality: Parts are tested and statistically validated to ensure they are of the highest quality.

  • Global Support:  Our parts organization offers worldwide support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week to match your production schedule.

What are the key differences between Genuine Universal Spare Parts and 3rd Party Replacement Parts?


All of our parts are designed and engineered to the highest quality standards; delivering the most value for your service spend.

Third-party parts may be less expensive upfront, but will likely have a higher cost of ownership due to potential production issues and a shorter life span requiring frequent replacements.

Our parts are made to exact design specifications determined by our engineering group.

Parts are reverse engineered by measuring dimensions from a Universal part and then transferring information to a drawing. Using this process, tolerances cannot be determined and parts cannot achieve the same level of control as the original design.

The best-grade materials are selected for each application to ensure optimal performance.

The material grade is presumed. Steel is often selected for ease of manufacturability, without regard to wear characteristics.

All surface finishes must meet our specifications to ensure proper speed and functionality.

Surface finishes do not conform to Universal specifications; this has been found to affect speed and functionality.

Our Engineering Change Control process ensures machine compatibility and interchangeability issues are addressed.

Without access to Universal’s design library, there is no means to ensure all aspects of compatibility and inter-changeability have been incorporated.

Our Supplier Quality Program ensures you receive parts made to the highest quality standards, for optimal performance.

Nonstandard or uncontrolled manufacturing methods add variability to a part’s overall performance.

Universal ensures that new parts cause no problems with related assemblies; this means no associated downtime and maintenance costs.

When measurements are not kept within exact tolerances, problems can develop in related assemblies, causing downtime and additional maintenance costs.

Designs are tested and statistically validated. Studies calculate user costs to determine the actual cost per insertion/placement, offering you the best value for your parts dollars.

Third-party manufacturers often do not have the resources to test or validate the true cost of a part by calculating the cost per insertion/placement.

Our parts inventory is regularly updated to include the latest improvements and is always at the latest revision levels. 

Third-party brokers often buy older excess inventory, which is not at the latest revision levels. 

Our parts are always kept in temperature-controlled warehouses which eliminates damage to metal parts or others that are sensitive to heat and cold. 

Third-party brokers have no control over how the parts were stored before buying them, leaving open the possibility of rust or other damage.  

How do you search for and buy Universal Spare parts?

Shop for and order your genuine Universal spare parts directly at https://www.uic.com/parts/

  • Easily search for parts by equipment type and function using a quick navigation tool
  • Place orders for spare parts directly with a purchase order or credit card
  • Spare part kits feature both the number of parts included as well as the ability to purchase piece parts

Don’t want to shop online?

  • No problem.  E-mail us directly and one of our friendly customer service agents will be happy to assist you.
Americas: universal@uic.com Asia: spares_asian@uic.com Europe: spares_europe@uic.com


Multi-lingual customer service agents are standing by to assist you.

Email isn’t your thing?

Or order your parts through one of our authorized representatives. Click here to see the complete list of authorized spare parts distributors. 

How do you know that you have purchased genuine Universal Spare parts?

If you’ve purchased your parts directly through Universal or one of our authorized representatives, then you can be assured your parts are genuine.  Click here for a list of our authorized/official representatives of spare parts. 

If you have purchased parts through a third-party or a brokerage house, then there is no guarantee that what you are purchasing are “genuine” Universal parts and/or could be older excess inventory that is not at the latest revision levels (which may cause issues).

What kind of parts can we pick for you today?


Buy Genuine Universal spare parts and you’ll be so glad you bought the real thing – get real quality, real value, real peace of mind, every time (not sometimes)!

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