Polaris Junior Assembly Cell – Scalable, Single-Process Automation

July 2, 2015

July 2, 2015 – Universal Instruments’ Polaris Junior features multiple standard cell widths with common controls, side covers, and frame structure for a low-cost solution with faster lead times than custom cells. This flexible solution enables cost effective, high-yielding automation of a wide range of mechanical assembly processes for electronics assemblies such as medical monitoring devices, automotive sensors, hybrid, and semiconductor packages.

Scalable size for the application

Scalable Cover Package Design

  • Common side covers and frame structure
  • Cross members grow to match application needs
  • Machine widths from 750mm to 1500mm
  • Touch screen user interface front (rear optional)

Control Cabinet Flex Mounting

  • The control cabinet can be mounted on the floor or hanging from the back of the machine


Gantry Overhangs Conveyors

  • Allows for compatibility with wide range of conveyors
  • Allows for easy installation and relocation

PLC Control

  • Omron PLC control
  • Network capable
  • PC can be easily added for traceability, file storage, or messaging

Head Interface

  • Same interface as Polaris Multi-process
  • Any tool created for that interface will be capable of adapting to this cell

Proven Positioning System

  • NSK Sealed, lead screw drive
  • Servo Driven X and Y axis offered in multiple lengths
  • X: 750mm, 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm. Y: 800mm
  • Pneumatic slides available for simple stroke
  • Combinations of Pneumatic and servo are possible


Polaris Junior Application

1000mm Junior with Screwdriver

  • This machine is a three axis servo machine
  • Equipped with a Webber, Electric Screw driver
  • The conveyor that the customer selected was MagStar


In-Line Press Platform

  • This application is built on Universal’s press platform
  • This machine is equipped with a servo press from Schmidt technologies
  • The press is capable of sensing pressure in 2 oz increments with a maximum of 300lbs
  • The structure is capable of pressures up to 2000 lbs


1500mm Polaris Junior

  • This application is built on Universal’s Polaris Junior Platform
  • The function will be a test handling application
  • There will be 5 test nests that the machine will have access to load and unload
  • The stages are micro positioning stages for the test nest
  • Each stage will precisely position the product using a camera, before applying the probes



1500mm Polaris Junior

  • Large Work area for applications

[icon icon=”film” size=”small” style=”simple” shape=”inherit”][/icon] Video: Junior with RF & Shaker


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