Be Enlightened with Universal’s Through-Hole Offerings

You may be surprised to learn that through-hole technology remains a vital part of today’s electronics manufacturing. Refined through decades of experience, Universal’s through-hole lineup continues to stay one step ahead of the growing demands of the industry.

In fact, New York’s Times Square would be dark and boring without the help of our through-hole technology!  Our through-hole machines are used to build products that literally “light up the night”, such as the many large-format LED signs that gives Times Square its iconic look (and feel).

Bright Lights in the Big City!

Bright Lights in the Big City!

Our Radial 88HT Flexible Radial Sequencer Inserter is the right tool for through-hole placement of LEDs for signage as well as illumination.  Our Radial 88HT offers the following:

  • 20k cph real throughput
  • Highest-density dedicated 2.5mm Single Span tooling
  • Inward / outward clinch choices
  • V-groove inward clinch technology eliminates “tiling”, reduces LED twist
  • Alternate Feeder enables non-stop operation
  • Component replenishment without machine stoppage
  • Manual board handling option allows up to 800mm x 800mm boards with park steps

Click below to see a video of our Radial 88HT placing LED components here:


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