How may we Serve YOU?

November 16, 2018

How May We Serve YOU?

To thrive and be profitable, you need the right answers at exactly the right time. There is little time for guesswork, and even less latitude to guess wrong. To successfully manage today’s complex assembly processes at all levels, you need a professional services group that leverages the right experience and resources to help you get the job done right… the first time. Get solutions, get productive: see the value immediately by engaging with our Global Services Team!

So, what type of services do we offer? Read on to learn more . . .

  • On Site Services  Before you even begin manufacturing, our experts can configure your entire line, taking the guesswork out of planning. Our on-site services include diagnostics, regular audits, applications support, and machine enhancements that can continue throughout the life of your equipment.

  • Installation & Startup Support – Even to experienced production managers, installation and startup can be a challenge. Good to know then, that all new and refurbished Universal Instruments machines are supported by our Global Services Installation and Startup standard service delivered at no extra charge.

How do you ensure efficiency?

  • Block Service Program – It is challenging to anticipate every service need and avoid unplanned interruptions. A proven way to confront the unexpected is with a Universal Instruments’ Block Service Program.

  • Extended Warranty Programs – Do you have older Universal Instruments equipment but would like to enjoy the same benefits as owners of new Universal machines? Then Universal Instruments’ extended warranty programs can help improve your productivity and maximize the return on your equipment investment.

What are your barriers to productivity?

  • Machine Performance Upgrades – In order to maximize productivity, it is imperative to get the most out of your equipment set. This isn’t always easy in an industry defined by constantly changing technologies. With an extensive portfolio of enhancements, retrofits, and options, Universal Instruments assembly equipment has the ability to grow with your requirements.

  • Equipment Assessment Services – Removes the risk associated with today’s dynamic second-user equipment market. After all, who better than the original manufacturer to assess the second-user machine to which you are about to commit valuable capital budget.

What’s the best way to hit your target?

  • Machine Capability Assessment – Over time, the demands of the factory environment may cause placement accuracy to drift from specification. Universal Instruments’ Equipment Capability. Assessment Service characterizes machine placement performance to accurately target specific corrective actions.

Interested in learning more about how our professional services team can help you be more productive?

Then click here to contact your regional Customer Service Manager.

Training has a direct impact on productivity!

So now you have solutions for your equipment. But what about your people?

Are they properly trained? If not, they should be.

Training is vital and can help you improve productivity, maximize machine utilization, and achieve optimum equipment performance.

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