Flexible Odd-Form Solutions Designed to Adapt and Achieve

June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015 – Universal Instruments’ Polaris “Hybrid” combines the best of Multi-Process and Servo-Gripper into one machine to provide greater flexibility and better support for your custom manufacturing processes.


Same Cell – Several Applications

Key Technologies

  • Dispensing
  • Pick and Place
  • Driving Screws
  • Vision Inspection
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Labeling
  • Clinching
  • Packaging
  • Laser Marking
  • Height Detection
  • Press Applications
  • Test/Special Application Handling
  • Dispense Weight Monitoring


Verified Machine Accuracy

  • Every Polaris positioning system is mapped enabling the user to translate CAD files
  • The Polaris can be measured using traceable glass boards and components
  • Final placement performance for a Servo Gripper or Multi-Process Pick and Place machine is: “X”, “Y” +/- 75 micron @ 4σ; Theta +/- 0.2° @ 4σ; X, Y, & Z repeatability +/- 0.01 mm


Multi-Process Interface

  • Standard tool interface allows Polaris to be a platform across multiple work cells (final assembly, odd form, packaging, screw driving, dispensing, etc.)
  • Various tools can be used in combinations to achieve custom process requirements
  • Modular system and use of standard interfaces results in a cost-effective solution by paying only for needed capability
  • Common software interface with all options


Multi-Process Tools/Heads

  • Vision guidance camera
  • Quadrus 2-D bar code scanner
  • Cognex insight color inspection camera
  • Keyence color inspection camera
  • Vacuum and gripper pick and place tools (pneumatic and servo)
  • Dispensing valves
  • Screw drivers
  • Height detector
  • Future applications driven by customer requirements


Screw Driving Head

  • The head is mounted on the rear of the multi-Process head to conserve a location on the front
  • The screw driver that is implemented here is a Deprag, electric drive
  • In an effort to conserve space, this driver was re-packaged specifically for Polaris


Dispense Path Programming

  • Program the machine using the database and the pre-defined shapes
    – Speed, acceleration, deceleration, dwell can all be programmed off-line
  • Look at a dynamic view of the dispense path
    – Gross programming errors will be caught before any material is wasted using this view
  • Check the path on the machine before dispensing any product
    – The downward looking camera will drive through the programmed path


Weight Scale – Dispense option

  • The scale can be mounted anywhere on the base frame
  • Provides the user with the weight of a programmed amount of material
  • The scale is primarily used as an audit process during normal production
  • The user controls the number of cycles between audits


Non-Contact Needle calibration

  • This dispensing option provides for automatic calibration at the users request or when changing the needle
  • This option eliminates lengthy manual steps to define the new x,y,z coordinates
  • If the material has a tendency to to adhere to the bottom or outside of the nozzle, an optional cleaning station is available


Inside the Machine – Downward Looking Camera

  • Allows fiducials or holes to be used for orientation
  • Programmable light levels
  • Also enables flexible feeder teaching


Inside the Machine – Upward Looking Camera

  • GSM OFA-style camera
  • Software supports pattern recognition for through-hole leads and final assembly components
  • Programmable light levels
  • Enables CAD-driven placements without adjustment


Material Handling – Triple stage product handling

  • Provides for a Board in a stage closer to the “Work” area of the machine
  • Edge-belt conveyor accepts up to 457 mm x 508 mm (18” x 20”) boards or pallets
  • Optional programmable width control (PWC) and tooling pin registration
  • None Required! – The machine is modular and can accept non-Universal product handling or simply a work surface for stand alone applications


Contact Stan Earley by +1-607-725-5129 or earleys@uic.com or go to our website https://www.uic.com/solutions/automation/ for more information on Automation.

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