Change the Way You Think About Changeover – Part 3

December 16, 2015

December 16,2015 A look into ways to improve your changeover efficiency

Every manufacturing environment is different, but here are a few ideas for you to consider when looking at ways to improve your changeover:

  • If you have lots of feeder space on a machine you can have several simultaneous setups at a time, requiring almost zero changeover time.
  • Feeder bank exchange: This method employs removable feeder banks that can be preloaded offline, and swapped with the aid of a cart before the next product is run. Be advised that not every system is designed the same though. Look for ease of use, repeatability of engagement (i.e. pick point accuracy), and compatibility with other machines.
  • Fixed Family set-ups: Having optimized setups that cover the majority, if not all of your component mix, fixed on the machine at all times reduces changeover time, but will most likely have some impact on speed – an easy sacrifice if you have the feeder space, and speed is not your #1 issue.
  • Auto Validation: The feeders can be preloaded and verified prior to the actual changeover. Once changeover occurs, the machine electronically validates it has the correct set-up.

And of course you can come up with hybrid solutions using some of each of these methods.  It all depends on your product complexity and manufacturing philosophies.

If you are required to do multiple changeovers per day, Universal’s Fuzion Platform provides the opportunity to increase revenue generation on all of your product changeovers, as well as improve your overall OEE: 


  • Set up multiple products on a single platform/line to minimize or eliminate bank change requirements and maximize your changeover efficiency
  • Leverage NPI (New Product Introduction) tools to help you to accelerate ramp to volume and optimize quality
  • Maximize your floor space utilization with the industry’s highest number of feeder inputs per floor space
  • With the broadest range of components, package types and board sizes you can optimize productivity for any job
  • Add feeder capacity, throughput and/or component range to your existing production line
  • Minimize your cost of ownership with fewer machines (CapEx), less operators, maintenance, power/air consumption, programming and labor/repair costs and the ability to leverage existing installed base of feeder, nozzles, spares, training, etc.

Universal’s Fuzion Platform solutions help reduce your changeover costs, improve your OEE and increase your revenue, because (as we already discussed) time saved allows more revenue to be generated!

To learn more about our award-winning Fuzion Platform, click on the link below:

Questions or comments on improving Changeover or OEE in your factory can be addressed to:

Darrell Tullar,
Surface Mount Business Development Manager
M. 1 607-727-7391

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