Web Self-Paced Training

Web training consists of a series of self-paced instructional modules available via the web. These modules are designed to deliver knowledge of key machine sub-assembly functions, and sub-systems overviews. The knowledge delivered in these modules provides the foundation for higher level skills, which are typically delivered in hands on instructor led courses. Features

    • Progress is tracked within the training modules two ways: Content viewed, and Quiz passed
    • Quiz types: True/False, Multiple Choice, Matching, Sequencing, Drag and Drop labels
    • Links to machine procedures are provided to support training content
    • Interactive screens and non-sequential pathways let you access information or move through the tutorial at your own pace
    • Information is organized into topics accessed through a progress map
    • You can print screens for future reference
    • Designed and developed by an instructional design staff based on content created by subject matter experts
    • Content available at “My Universal”, users need ID and Password to access
    • Names, scores, dates are collected in a Universal database

How to register to access the Web Self-paced training modules:

1. Register at “My Universal” and request: Documentation Archive and e-Learning.

2. Once your request is approved, you will receive a notification, and you will be able to access all available Web Self-paced training modules.

3. If you already have access, click on the link below to go directly to the Web Self-paced training modules.


Web Self-Paced Training Modules

Released Web Self-paced training modules 

Platform Product ID Part Number
Intro to SM Components SM-COMP-WS 51644701
DPO Product Creation DPO-PC-WS 51717901
Platform I/O Process Overview SM-IO-WS 51598501
Reading Electrical Diagrams SM-RED-WS 51783701


Genesis Platform Product ID Part Number
Genesis Motion Control Overview GEN-MC-WS 51540501
GC120 Parts and Functions (UPS+6.x) 4991CD -PF-WS 51447501
GC120 Parts and Functions (UPS+7.x) 4991D -PF-WS 51879701
DPO Line Balancer Overview DPO-LB-WS 51523401
GC120 Operation Differences (UPS+6.x) 4991CD-PF-WS 51447601
GC120 Operation Differences (UPS+7.x) 4991D-PF-WS 51879601
Genesis Power Distribution GEN-PD-WS 51578201
HSC Sequence of Events HSC-PP-WS 51592401
Genesis Operator Interface (UPS+ 7.x ) GEN-UI-WS 51631701



AdVantis Platform Product ID Part Number
4984B AdVantis Parts and Functions 4984B-PF-WS 51459601


Through Hole Product ID Part Number
6683D Parts and Functions Diff 6683D-PF-WS 51561601