Tech Advisor

Tech Advisor is an electronic technical performance support product available for Radial 5 and VCD Sequencer/Inserter 5 Universal Instruments machines. Tech Advisor provides you with information and assistance on machine operation, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair at the time of need right at your machine. This can decrease your machine downtime and increase your productivity.

As an interactive system, Tech Advisor provides you with as little or as much information as you desire. You can progress at your own speed, choosing among various screens to access needed information. Since information pathways are not sequential, Tech Advisor accommodates novice machine operators, as well as machine experts.

Tech Advisor Overview (requires Flash)


  • Increases workforce competency, improving productivity
  • Increases comprehension with user-selectable English, Chinese, or Spanish
  • Maximizes machine uptime by providing information quickly and easily
  • Reduces training time and costs since information is available in workplace


  • Access information using menus, indexes, system map, hot words, or prompts
  • Select only information you need at that time
  • Mark a display for quick return with electronic paper clips
  • Write and save notes with notepad function
  • Look up information in the system glossary
  • View hundreds of illustrations of machine components
  • Developed by instructional designers based on content from subject matter experts
  • Available for select through hole machines
Released Tech Advisors

Tech Advisor – Operation
(Model Numbers)
Version Part Number
Tech Advisor VCD-Sequencer/Inserter 5
(English / Spanish / Chinese)
(6241D / 6248D / 6242E)
Single PC 46563701
Tech Advisor VCD- Sequencer/ Inserter 5 DEMO
(English / Spanish / Chinese)
(6241D / 6248D / 6242E)
Single PC 46872001
Tech Advisor Radial IIIXQ / Radial 5
(English / Spanish)
(6360B / C / D)
Single PC 45818901
Tech Advisor Radial IIIXQ / Radial 5
(English / Chinese)
(6360B / C / D)
Single PC 46125601
Tech Advisor Radial 5
(English / Spanish / Chinese)
Single PC 46769001
Tech Advisor Radial 5 DEMO
(English / Spanish / Chinese)
Single PC 46206702