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  • We offer a selection of courses at varying levels to suit your specific requirements. These courses have been designed for maximum training efficiency in an intimate environment. Level 1 courses are limited to six students and Level 2 courses are limited to four students.

    • Level 1 Classes: Include Operations, Programming and Maintenance. Level 1 objectives focused on activities performed within the warranty period (preventative).
    • Level 2 Classes: Include Electrical, Mechanical and Software Troubleshooting. These are three separate Level 2 classes focusing on objectives and activities performed after the warranty period (corrective). We recommend that students have 3–6 months “on-the-job” experience after receiving Level 1 training before enrolling in Level 2. While Level 1 is really a prerequisite for Level 2, experience does count. If you can independently perform 80+% of Level 1 tasks, then Level 2 is for you. We recommend all Level 2 training be delivered in our “controlled environment” Conklin, NY Training Center. These are “Debug it/Fix it” classes, simulating machine-down situations, and are best performed here so as not to disrupt your manufacturing production.

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