How do I register?

Scheduling Training at a Universal Instruments Training Center

Determine Course
Use the Course Advisor or the Course Descriptions to determine courses for a specific piece of equipment or to select courses by job position (e.g., operator, programmer, or maintenance technicians).

Note that Universal’s Product Training Centers reserve the right to remove any individual from training who has not met stated course prerequisites.

Determine Course Availability
To determine course availability, access our training Course Schedules. Course scheduling is based on forecasted demand and not all courses are regularly scheduled. The selection and frequency of course offerings varies from product training center to product training center. Class size is limited, so it is important to register as far in advance as possible. Should a course be at maximum enrollment we will make every effort to enroll you in the next available course.

Contact a Product Training Center
Once you have determined the course and checked its availability contact the training location offering the course.

You may also wish to complete and submit the Registration Request Form. This form is automatically submitted to the Training Center selected in the form. If you prefer, you can also print and fax the form to the training location offering the course. Submission of this Registration Request Form does not guarantee enrollment. If you do not receive confirmation for the requested training course within two business days please contact the Product Training Center to which you submitted the forms.

Payment is due prior to attending the scheduled course. If tuition is required, checks or purchase orders should be made payable to Universal Instruments. For your convenience, we accept Master Card, Visa or American Express credit cards.

Confirmation of Training
A written confirmation package acknowledging your enrollment will be sent to you. If you do not receive confirmation after submitting your registration please contact us.

If you can not attend the training class for which you are scheduled, we allow for a substitute as long as the substitute meets the prerequisites of the course. The Product Training Center reserves the right to remove any individual who has not met the stated course prerequisites.

Training Cancellation
Universal incurs substantial costs in reserving your seat in a course. If you need to cancel your training class(es), please provide two-weeks notice to avoid incurring cancellation fees. Cancellations received within two weeks will forfeit 50% of the tuition cost. Cancellations received within one week will forfeit 100% of the tuition cost. Failure to appear on the first day of the class will forfeit the entire tuition cost.

If Universal cancels a course, enrollees will be notified at least two weeks prior to the course start date. The class will be rescheduled or your tuition will be refunded.

What’s provided?
Note-taking and training materials.

What should you wear?
Courses are conducted on an informal basis, and you should expect to become fully involved in all course tasks and activities. Therefore, dress casually and be prepared for the regional weather conditions at the product training center you will be visiting.

Universal Instruments guarantees that you will be satisfied with your training, or we will refund your tuition.

Cellular phones and cameras are not allowed in the classroom or lab area. To leave a message for a student in a class, contact the regional training location. Classes will be interrupted for emergencies only.