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Universal Instruments Corporation has a long and distinguished history in the electronics assembly equipment market. Universal makes some of the world’s most sophisticated component placement equipment. Universal’s success depends upon satisfying customers with innovative products and superior customer support. These products are designed and manufactured with support from Universal’s suppliers.

For Those Who Want to Join Universal Instruments’ Supply Team
Universal Instruments is a demanding customer. Our quality system is certified to ISO-9001, and we seek supply partners who are similarly inclined in their total quality and customer satisfaction commitment. Universal’s quality and delivery objectives are simple — 100% on-time and zero defects per million. Suppliers are typically leaders in their fields of expertise, and Universal relies upon the supply base to keep us informed on trends in their industry, new materials, processes and products, and general technology. Universal leverages this knowledge through early supplier involvement in the design process to create the most manufacturable cost-effective designs. That means a supply partner must have the resources to support such activity, and the desire and capability to do so.

High-quality Internet capability is essential. The Internet is used to convey design information, schedule information, and for direct access into Universal’s business systems, as well as regular e-mail communications.

To assure ourselves we have a good match between a potential supply partner’s capabilities, products, processes, and our needs, Universal requires a supplier self-assessment, followed by an on-site Universal assessment. These surveys examine production processes and policies, as well as business, quality, training, and other areas

Universal’s material and supplier management is structured to coordinate supplier selection across business units within our approved supplier list (ASL) and responsible for supplier monitoring and cost management. Purchasing agents are responsible for negotiating requirements contracts (purchasing agreements) for production goods. They also share responsibility for the composition and performance of the supply base. Business units manage the master schedule, discrete purchase orders for new or prototype parts, and MRP.

Indirect material requirements (goods Universal does not resell) are procured through discrete purchase orders issued by material coordinators who are part of the Corporate Purchasing organization. Universal Instruments uses purchasing cards for procurement classes where this offers cost and cycle time advantages.



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