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  • For single-process sequencing and insertion of axial components and jumper wires, the VCD 88HT delivers reliable productivity at the highest throughput rates in the industry. An error rate of less than 200 ppm is the result of Universal Instruments’ enduring lineage of through-hole development and leadership. Component changeover is minimized with over 220 available inputs on the expandable sequencer. An intuitive operator interface that is common with other Generation 88HT equipment offers easy operation, diagnostics, data management and a graphical product editor.

    • 26,000 CPH
    • Highest “real” throughput axial sequencer/inserter
    • Highest reliability in the industry (200 ppm)
    • Component replenishment without machine stoppage
    • Expandable from 20 inputs up to 220 inputs
    • Manual Load or Automatic PCB Load/Unload
    • Component Verifier
    • Simple-to-use operator environment with graphical interface
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VCD 88HT Specifications
Real Throughput
Insertion Span (mm)Clinch Angle
Component SupplyDefect Rate
Load/UnloadComponent Inputs
20,1000°, 90°, 180°, 270°
(rotary table required)
5.0 - 22.5
0 - 45°
(prog height)
Short Ammo Packs
Ammo Pack

Note: Can mix ammo packs
and reels in any position
200 PPM0 sec
2 sec
20 to 220
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