Radial 88HT

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The Radial 88HT offers consistently high throughput regardless of component type, with single-, dual-, triple-, and quad-span insertion variants. Lead span capability up to 10mm virtually eliminates tedious manual assembly requirements to improve throughput, product quality and output per floor space, while reducing associated labor costs and time requirements to provide greater returns. The Radial 88HT delivers exceptional flexibility with over 100 available inputs on the expandable sequencer. An intuitive operator interface that is common with other Generation 88HT equipment offers easy operation, diagnostics, data management and a graphical product editor.

  • 22,000 CPH
  • Highest reliability in the industry (300 ppm)
  • Component replenishment without machine stoppage
  • Manual Load or Automatic PCB Load/Unload
  • Configurable sequencer (In-Line or Straight-Back)
  • Multiple clinch options
  • Component Verifier
  • Simple-to-use operator environment with graphical user interface

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  • Radial 88HT Single-Span – 2.5mm
  • Radial 88HT Dual-Span – 2.5/5.0mm
  • Radial 88HT Triple-Span – 2.5/5.0/7.5mm
  • Radial 88HT Quad-Span – 2.5/5.0/7.5/10.0mm

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