Genesis Platform

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Genesis is the standard for modular performance, delivering all of the flexibility and performance needed to succeed in today’s dynamic manufacturing environments. An unrivaled component range and expansive portfolio enable flexible line solutions perfectly suited to any production demand. Genesis is built on a robust platform designed for ease of maintenance and low cost of ownership.

  • 1, 2, and 4-beam variants
  • Throughput up to 140,000 cph per module
  • Complementary high-speed and multifunction models
  • Class-leading cost per placement
  • Widest component range with no derate
  • Closed-loop processes to ensure the highest yields
  • Maximum productivity regardless of product mix
  • Lowest overall operating costs

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  • Genesis GX-11S – Notebook, Automotive and Consumer products where vacuum formed trays and high-volume odd form placements are required. Also a multifunction solution at end of D and Q-Series lines.
  • Genesis GC-30S – Superb for high-mix NPI environments with multiple changeovers per day and large board applications. Also a high-volume line booster for D and Q-series lines.
  • Genesis GX-11D – Versatile IC placement platform perfect for special processes such as Pin-In-Paste, Flip Chip and Odd Form.
  • Genesis GI-14D – Best-in-class multi-function machine with fast placement of a wide component range for applications where flexibility and performance per line length are important
  • Genesis GX-37D – A true multi-purpose platform. A versatile stand-alone prototyping solution, a flexible line balancer, or a high-performance multifunction solution.
  • Genesis GC-60D – Flexible, high-speed productivity for medium-volume environments. A powerful line booster solution or high-performance small part placer.
  • Genesis GC-120Q – Powerful performance for high-volume production environments: Consumer, Mobile, Notebook and Automotive

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