Fuzion® Platform

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  • For electronics manufacturers who demand an agile, flexible production model without limitations, Fuzion® is the pinnacle of platform performance. Fuzion is the industry’s most adaptable and capable platform, delivering profitable productivity for any manufacturing model from NPI to ultra-high volumes. Fuzion drives operational excellence, enabling manufacturers to build any product at any time, accelerate new product introduction and ramp to volume, and maximize utilization, quality, and yield.

    • 1, 2, 4-beam variants
    • Extra-capacity (XC) models with up to 272 feeder inputs
    • Versatile multi-task odd-form (OF) model
    • Throughput up to 140,000 cph per module
    • Industry-leading cost per placement, flexibility and accuracy
    • Largest board size capability
    • Closed-loop processes to ensure the highest yields
    • Maximum performance and utilization for any volume/product mix
    • Comprehensive toolset to accelerate NPI and achieve 100% first-pass yield
    • Ability to prototype on a single module
    • Lowest cost of operation and ownership
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Fuzion Models & Specifications
  • FuzionOF – Versatile IC placement platform perfect for special processes such as Pin-in-Paste, Flip Chip and OFA
  • Fuzion1-11 – Flexible IC placement platform perfect for NPI or complex SMT
  • Fuzion1-30 – Superb for high-mix NPI environments and large board applications. Also a high-volume line booster.
  • Fuzion2-14 – Best-in-class multi-function machine with fast placement of a wide component range for applications where flexibility and performance per line length are important
  • Fuzion2-37 – A true multi-purpose platform. A versatile stand-alone prototyping solution, a flexible line balancer, or a high-performance multi-function solution.
  • Fuzion2-60 – Flexible, high-speed productivity for medium-volume environments. A powerful line booster solution or high-performance small part placer.
  • FuzionXC2-37 – High-capacity NPI, all-in-one, line balancer, or multifunction solution with a full component range
  • FuzionXC2-60 – Cost-efficient, high-performance turret replacement or high-input chip placer
  • Fuzion4-120 – Powerful performance for high-volume production environments: Consumer, Mobile, Notebook, Automotive
ModelMax Throughput (cph)Accuracy (μm@>1.00 Cpk)Max Board SizeMax Feeder Inputs (8mm)Component Range
FuzionOF16,500±38 (Chips) / ±27 (ICs)508 x 813mm120 (2 ULC)0201 – 150mm sq, 25mm tall
Fuzion1-1116,500±38 (Chips) / ±27 (ICs)508 x 813mm120 (2 ULC)0201 – 150mm sq, 25mm tall
Fuzion1-3035,000±34 (Chips) / ±34 (ICs)508 x 1016mm13601005 – 30mm sq
Fuzion2-1430,750±38 (Chips) / ±27 (ICs)508 x 813mm120 (2 ULC)0201 – 150mm sq, 25mm tall
Fuzion2-3748,000±34 (Chips) / ±27 (ICs)508 x 1016mm128 (1 ULC)01005 – 150mm sq, 25mm tall
Fuzion2-6066,500±34 (Chips) / ±34 (ICs)508 x 1016mm13601005 – 30mm sq
FuzionXC2-3743,000±34 (Chips) / ±27 (ICs)610 x 1300mm27201005 – 150mm sq, 25mm tall
FuzionXC2-6065,500±34 (Chips) / ±34 (ICs)610 x 1300mm26401005 – 30mm sq
Fuzion4-120140,000±34 (Chips) / ±34 (ICs)500 x 700mm14401005 – 30mm sq
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