AdvantisV Platform

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AdvantisV™ leverages high-end base technologies and easily integrated premium options to deliver cost-effective, value-driven productivity in low-margin environments. This versatility, coupled with a robust architecture with minimal maintenance requirements, provides investment protection and a low cost of ownership. AdvantisV incorporates a highly accurate architecture and closed-loop controls for superior yields. It also generates exceptional and consistent output across a range of environments from NPI to volume production. AdvantisV has all the functionality to meet today’s challenges, with a growth path for tomorrow’s.

  • 1 and 2-beam variants utilizing flagship Fuzion base architecture
  • Throughput up to 66,500 cph per module
  • Complementary high-speed and multifunction models
  • Minimal entry price and initial investment
  • Simplified base configurations, easily integrated options
  • Premium options, including advanced NPI toolbox
  • Broadest component range and board size capabilities
  • Class-leading performance and technologies for long usable life
  • Low cost of ownership with minimal maintenance requirements

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  • AdvantisV1-07 – A versatile IC placement platform, perfect for special processes such as pin-in-paste and OFA
  • AdvantisV1-30 – Superb for high-mix NPI environments and large board applications. Also a high-volume line booster solution.
  • Advantisv2-60 – Flexible, high-speed productivity for medium-volume environments. Also a powerful line booster solution or high-performance small part placer.

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