Advantis® Platform

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  • Advantis® is the most powerful solution for the growing technological and capital demands of cost-sensitive business sectors. Advantis leverages flexible high-end technologies at an attractive price point to provide scalable, cost-effective performance and versatile functionality to meet all of the production needs in these markets. Class-leading capabilities and a low capital investment combine to help manufacturers maximize profitability in low-margin environments.

    • 1, 2, and 3-beam variants
    • Throughput up to 102,500 cph per module
    • Complementary high-speed and multifunction models
    • Minimal entry price and initial investment
    • Broadest component range and board size capabilities
    • Class-leading performance and technologies for long usable life
    • Low cost of ownership with minimal maintenance requirements
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Advantis Models & Specifications
  • Advantis AI-07S – A flexible single-machine solution or end-of-line multifunction/odd-form placer with mid-speed performance
  • Advantis AC-15S – A flexible, high-speed solution for medium-volume environments
  • Advantis AC-30S – A powerful line booster solution or high-performance small part placer
  • Advantis AC-60 LED – A focused yet flexible high-performance solution for both LED and standard surface mount applications
  • Advantis AC-90T – An ultra-high-speed small part placer delivering high-end performance for cost-sensitive markets
ModelMax Throughput (cph)Accuracy (μm@>1.00 Cpk)Max Board SizeMax Feeder Inputs (8mm)Component Range
Advantis AI-07S15,300±45 (Chips) / ±34 (ICs)457 x 635mm120 (2 ULC)0201 – 150mm sq, 25mm tall
Advantis AC-15S16,200±45 (Chips) / ±45 (ICs)457 x 635mm13601005 – 30mm sq
Advantis AC-30S34,400±45 (Chips) / ±45 (ICs)457 x 635mm13601005 – 30mm sq
Advantis AC-60 LED65,500±45 (Chips) / ±45 (ICs)457 x 1300mm13601005 – 30mm sq
Advantis AC-90T102,500±45 (Chips) / ±45 (ICs)457 x 635mm14401005 – 30mm sq
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