Production Management

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  • Dimensions production management software tools maximize line utilization overall efficiency. Offline setup tools enable product preparation and feeder replenishment during production, while feeder-low and splice notifications proactively alert the operator to maintain continuous production flow. Closed-loop placement verification ensures superior product yields, supported by valuable board and component traceability for mission-critical production.

    • Intuitive touch-screen interface with wizard-style functionality
    • Offline setup pro-actively manages changeover and part replenishment
    • Generate changeover instructions
    • Flexible feeder setup enables more efficient changeovers by eliminating restricted feeder locations
    • Automatic setup validation eliminates re-scan at machine for reduced downtime
    • Feeder-low and splicing notifications minimize downtime, particularly in higher-volume environments
    • Board- and component-level traceability protects brand identity, reduces costs, and ensures product quality
    • Vendor validation confirms correct vendor identity
    • Real-time consumption tracking, production data and reports
    • Open SQL interface allows with transfer tables communication with ERP or MES systems, and integration with in-house, custom-built software applications
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