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Use the Dimensions suite of NPI software tools to easily import and verify design data, balance your lines, generate optimized programs, and create grouped feeder setups for minimized changeover time. You can also leverage offline setup tools and machine-side NPI utilities at the line to debug your process step-by-step as you build your first article, and also during full production to fine tune established programs to continuously improve quality and efficiency.

  • Intuitive touch-screen interface with wizard-style functionality
  • Import any kind of design data (CAD, BOM)
  • Generate balanced and optimized products
  • Create grouped setups to minimize changeover
  • Debug process problems online
  • Achieve a production-ready first pass yield
  • Offline component data teach and board-level part-to-pad verification
  • No tape boards required – no waste

    Machine-Side NPI

  • Simple, menu-driven process for new users
  • Get products into production quickly and efficiently
  • Achieve a production-ready first pass yield
  • Accommodate ECRs (components, boards, etc.)
  • Auto-component teach and verification
  • Reduce scrap and repair costs
  • On-the-fly production improvements for highest ongoing quality

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Downloads & Resources

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