Remanufactured… Better than Used

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  • When considering the purchase of used equipment, several factors relating to vendor performance should be evaluated. The purchaser should consider the warranty, spare parts availability, installation, training, factory support, machine documentation, upgrades, and technical support. Universal-Certified remanufactured equipment from Broome Engineering provides several advantages over used equipment brokers, including:

    • Full quality assurance process guarantees machine performance against original specifications
    • Machines upgraded to latest revision levels possible
    • Fully supported by Universal Instruments infrastructure
    • Remanufactured using original equipment manufacturer’s parts and processes
    • Reduced downtime risk with remanufactured machine versus a used machine
    • Optional customer acceptance at factory prior to delivery and payment
    • Limited parts and labor warranty included with machine

    The Remanufacturing Process:

    • Machines are torn down to frames and castings, discarding virtually every wearable part
    • Frames and covers are professionally cleaned and painted
    • Machine is re-assembled and upgraded with original parts and latest software revision
    • Typical part replacements: tooling, chains, spindles, nozzles, bearings, belts, clutches, cameras
    • Full quality assurance process that parallels a new machine ensures the performance meets or exceeds original specifications. The machine is then qualified as Universal-Certified.
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Remanufactured vs. Used Comparison
AttributeBrokerUsed Equipment DealerBroome EngineeringUniversal Instruments New
ConditionAs-IsAs-Is RunningRemanufacturedNew
Level of RebuildNoneSome RepairsFull RebuildNew Build
UpgradesNoneUsually NoneYesN/A
CalibrationNoneNone to PartialCompleteComplete
Quality AssuranceNoneNoneSame as Universal InstrumentsISO9000
Assurance ReportNoneNoneYesYes
WarrantyNoneNone to 90 DaysOne YearOne Year
Tech SupportNoneLimited24-Hour24-Hour
Risk to CustomerHighMediumNoneNone
PriceX-50% to 70%X-40% to 60%X-40% to 60%X