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  • Broome Engineering is your one-stop source for the very best and highest quality second-user electronics assembly equipment. We have a large inventory of equipment and peripherals, which is continually changing as a result of our sales and acquisitions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us to see if we can help you meet your needs.

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Through-Hole Inventory


EquipmentDetailsInventory #Qty
VCD 8 Upgraded to 88HT20 StationBE54931
Radial 88 Upgraded to 88HT20 StationBE55161
Radial 8 upgraded to 88HT20 StationBE55001
Radial 8XT upgraded to 88HT20 StationBE54941


EquipmentDetailsInventory #Qty
Radial Add On Module (4.x through 8.x)20 Station add on. Chain additional.BE51015
Axial Add On Module (4.x through 8.x)20 Station add on. Chain additional.BE52319
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Surface Mount Inventory


EquipmentDetailsInventory #Qty
Platforms with Fuzion 3.x Software
Genesis FZ 1-30BE53051
Genesis FX 2-14BE54951
Genesis FZ 1-11BE55521
Genesis FZ 2-37 w/ Windows 7 & Fuzion Stream Software UpgradeBE55521
Platforms with 8.x Software
Genesis GC-120BEXXXX
Platforms with 6.x Software
Genesis GC-60BE5403
AdVantis Lightning AC-30 LSBE51691
AdVantis Multi-Function AX-72BE54641
Genesis GI-14BEXXXX1
GSM 2 w/ UPS+ SoftwareBE51041
AdVantis XS Linear Drive Multi-Function (01005 Capable)BE48761

Miscellaneous Accessories
EquipmentDetailsInventory #Qty

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SM Head, Camera & Feeder Inventory


Remanufactured Heads – Contact Broome Engineering for a trade-in value on your existing head. All remanufactured heads are covered by a 6-month warranty.

EquipmentInventory #Price
FlexJet 09R47541109$18,223
FlexJet 3, No OTHCR51588403$23,409
FlexJet 3, 2.6 mil OTHCR51588402$28,320
FlexJet 3, 1.1 mil OTHCR51588401$31,628
FlexJet 07+R48999201$24,000

Remanufactured Cameras – We offer $1,000 off the price listed below with a core trade-in. All remanufactured cameras are covered by a 6-month warranty.

EquipmentInventory # (old part #)Price
ULC, MAGELLAN 2.3 FirewireR51160901$6,000
ULC, MAGELLAN .94 FirewireR51161101$6,500
ULC, CIRC 2.6 Genesis/AdVantisR49792302 (48390002)$10,000
ULC, MAGELLAN 2.3R49400003 (49400003)$10,000
ULC, MAGELLAN .5R50322401 (50322401)$10,500
ULC, 1 MIL STD (narrow)R49197001$5,850
ULC, 2.6 MIL STD (narrow)R49197101 (47063202)$5,850
ULC, 4 MIL STD (narrow)R49197301 (47063102)$4,500
ULC, CIRC 1 MILR49197601 (48390005)$5,850
ULC, CIRC 2.6 MILR49197701 (48930002)$5,850
ULC, CIRC 4 MILR49197901 (48390001)$4,500
ULC, CIRC OAL, 2.6 MILR49198601 (48390009)$5,850
ULC, CIRC OAL, 4 MILR49198501 (48390004)$4,500
ULC, OFA, CIRC 1 MILR49198101$5,850
ULC, OFA, CIRC 2.6 MILR49198201$5,850
ULC, OFA, CIRC 4 MILR49198301$4,500

Head Repair Program – We can repair your used head and return it to you. The part numbers below are candidates for this program. All customer-owned “repaired” heads are covered by a 3-month warranty.

EquipmentOriginal Part #Return-For-Repair Part #Price for Repair
FlexJet 07+48999201RFR48999201$11,786
FlexJet 0947541109RFR47541109$11,963
FlexJet 3, 1.1 mil OTHC51588401RFR51588401$16,402
FlexJet 3, 2.6 mil OTHC51588402RFR51588402$16,251
FlexJet 3, no mil OTHC51588403RFR51588403$14,098
FlexJet 3, 1.1 mil OTHC (older vintage)49711805RFR49711805$16,710
FlexJet 3, 2.6 mil OTHC (older vintage)49711806RFR49711806$16,559
FlexJet 3, no mil OTHC (older vintage)49711807RFR49711807$14,406
Flex Head44457406RFR44457406$6,810
Flex PE Head44457410RFR44457410$6,937
InLine4 PE44457416RFR44457416$6,949
InLine4 PE44457418RFR44457418$6,949

Camera Repair Program – We can repair your used camera and return it to you. The part numbers below are candidates for this program. All customer-owned “repaired” cameras are covered by a 3-month warranty.

EquipmentOriginal Part #Return-For-Repair Part #Repair Price
Digital Cameras
ULC, MAGELLAN 2.3 Firewire51160901RFR51160901$3,500
ULC, MAGELLAN .94 Firewire51161101RFR51161101$3,500
ULC, MAGELLAN 2.349400003RFR49400003$5,000
ULC, MAGELLAN .550322401RFR50322401$5,000
Analog Cameras
ULC, 1 MIL STD (narrow)49197001RFR49197001$2,500
ULC, 2.6 MIL STD (narrow)49197101RFR49197101$2,500
ULC, 4 MIL STD (narrow)49197301RFR49197301$2,500
ULC, CIRC 1 MIL49197601RFR49197601$2,500
ULC, CIRC 2.6 MIL49197701RFR49197701$2,500
ULC, CIRC 4 MIL49197901RFR49197901$2,500
ULC, CIRC OAL, 2.6 MIL49198601RFR49198601$2,750
ULC, CIRC OAL, 4 MIL49198501RFR49198501$3,000
ULC, OFA, CIRC 1 MIL49198101RFR49198101$2,500
ULC, OFA, CIRC 2.6 MIL49198201RFR49198201$2,500
ULC, OFA, CIRC 4 MIL49198301RFR49198301$2,750


EquipmentDetailsInventory #Qty
Tray Feeders
PTF H BlockBE55471
DTF Direct Tray FeederBE55291
PTF H Block (Must stay in China)BE53921
Tape Feeders
Used 8mm DL Ion 7" Reel HoldersUsedU5259670217
12mm Ion FeederRemanufacturedR525958039
NEW 12mm Silver FeederNew5171340142
12mm Silver FeederRemanufactured by Hover-Davis, 90-day warrantyR5171340119
8mm Single Lane HP Gold Plus FeederRemanufacturedR509347069
8mm Single Lane HP Gold RemanufacturedR509347032
12mm Gold Used/Being RebuiltR5093480353
16mm GoldRemanufacturedR509349033
16mm GoldUsed/Being RebuiltU5093490346
16mm GoldUsedU509349044
24mm GoldRemanufacturedR509350031
24mm GoldUsed/Being RebuiltU5093500322
32mm GoldRemanufacturedR509351036
32mm GoldUsed/Being RebuiltU5093510311
72mm Gold FeederLightly Used. 3yrs oldU514589021
Feeder Accessories
ION Feeder set up stationLightly Used. 1yr old2
Stationary Matrix tray feeder UsedU449762032
Feeder Set-up station (with cart) UsedMPU08-068BBE53161
Two-shelf Feeder storage cartUsed/Excellent conditionU509014011
Three-shelf Feeder storage cartUsedU526492011
Feeder transfer trollies (Genesis/AdVantis)UsedU4940181015
Feeder set-up/storage tablesLightly Used. 3yrs oldU4651231115
Single Feeder Index Station, Machine MountUsedU510019051
24 Volt Belt reject stationsRemanufactured1
42 Volt belt reject stationsUsedU456515043
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Miscellaneous Inventory

Conveyors/Board Handling

EquipmentDetailsInventory #Qty
SMT Magazine LoaderBE52511
SMT Magazine UnloaderBE52521
SMT Magazine LoaderBE52631
SMT Magazine UnloaderBE52641
Turn Unit Diverter 90 DegreeBE54071
36" Flag & Follow PTF ConveyorLeft to Right, AC Motor DriveBE55481
36" Flag & Follow PTF ConveyorBE55491
36" Flag & Follow PTF Conveyor 18" Board widthLeft to Right, Rear Rail Fixed, 110 Volt, 18" Board widthRM61671
36" Flag & Follow Suneast PTF Conveyor 220 VoltBE54261
36" Flag & Follow PTF Conveyor Rear Rail Fixed 24" Board width110V Dedicated, CE, 24" Brd Width Max, Rear rail fixed, L-R, 3mm edgeBE51241
40" Edge Belt Conveyor1 BeltBE53481
44" Edge Conveyor2 Belt with Hand Crank AdjustBE52501
40" Edge Belt ConveyorBE53491
44" Lift Gate (Base left)BE5186
44" Lift Gate (Base left)110 VoltBE5187
44" Edge Conveyor (2 Belt with Hand Crank adjust)2 Belt with Hand Crank AdjustBE55271

Non-Universal Instruments Equipment
EquipmentDetailsInventory #Qty