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The introduction of wearable technologies such as smart watches, smart cameras, smart glasses, smart clothing, and gaming and entertainment, is rapidly opening a new world of technology and connectivity. In fact, wearables are already pushing into the mainstream, where they will improve our wellness, make us more comfortable, and make our lives easier.

Many electronics manufacturers are struggling to implement efficient volume production processes to meet the aggressive demands of this growing market. Universal Instruments has established partnerships with multiple industry leaders, leveraging its exclusive tool set and experience to develop winning solutions for wearables manufacturing.

  • Fully automated, high-volume solution vs. traditional low-volume manual assembly
  • High-speed, high-accuracy placement
  • Advanced process experience enabling highly reliable fine-pitch die placement on flex circuits
  • Specialized tooling: flex circuit handling, under-board heating, heated nozzles
  • Highly parallel hot bar bonding: a single Universal cell outperforms 4 traditional cells

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